Confrontation at cemetery leads to video going viral

Confrontation at Cemetery leads to video going viral 

North East Lincolnshire Council Enforcement Officers are seen on video trying to fine a lady whose dog was loose in the cemetery yesterday, they were confronted by a concerned resident due to her age and the manner of which the officer was carrying out his duty. The video below has now gone viral, the inflammatory tone of some of the social media posts about the enforcement officers has led to unacceptable abuse and threats and have now been passed over to the police who are carrying out investigations.

Chris Mitchell, who took the video has since set up a GoFundMe page in order to pay the fine on the ladys behalf. The fund currently sits at over £400.

North East Lincolnshire Council have issued the following statement:

Cllr Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for Safer and Stronger Communities at NELC, said:  “While we sympathise with the circumstances of the lady in question, we have clear body camera evidence showing the dog off a lead and being allowed to roam unsupervised over and around other graves. “We’ve acted to have patrols in the area after receiving complaints from families over damage to flowers and dog faeces on graves in the cemetery; we simply can’t allow dogs to wander in the area without being under control.“Before the officer approaches, the lady does not hold any lead or harness, she stands with her back to the dog and has no supervision of it. The lady later puts the dog back on a lead on the public video, which only shows part of the incident.

“As for the threats and abuse directed at the officer by the man filming the aftermath of the incident, this is simply not acceptable and has been reported to the police for threatening behaviour, as have subsequent threats made on social media.“The staff involved are tackling an issue the community has brought to our attention and wants us to deal with and I’m sure the other people, including those in the video, wouldn’t want to visit their loved ones’ graves to find them damaged or spoiled by the activities of dogs left unsupervised.

And added:

“Enforcement officers gather evidence for the local authority, they do not issue on the spot fines. All incidents are reviewed before a fine is issued. If the person has concerns about the fine or conduct of the staff we will further review the matter. This will include any mitigations made. This is part of our legal process and is confidential between the authority and person concerned.”


Caution. The Video contains swearing and threats on violence. 



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