A petition set up over the 4 Paws owners lenient sentence has over 10,000 signatures.


A petition set up over the 4 Paws owners lenient sentence has over 10,000 signatures.

A petition set up by Jenet Melling called “justice Denied” has over 10,000 signatures in just over three days. She is trying to overturn the lenient sentence handed down by the judiciary.

Some animals had spent 24 hours each day being locked up in small dirty crates. RSPCA inspectors and welfare officers supported by Humberside Police removed over 150 animals. over concerns for thei welfare.

Jodie Fairbrother 40 pleaded guilty to 10 offences of animal cruelty. Her husband admitted three offences of animal cruelty. She was given an 18week suspended sentence and her husband a 12 week suspended sentence at Grimsby magistrates court.

They were also banned for five years from keeping or transporting animals for five years. There is a minimum of three years before they can apply for the ban to be lifted. Both of them were also ordered to pay £500 costs and £115 victims surcharge.

They are deprived of owning any animals. Now some residents in Grimsby and Cleethorpes want the case reviewed by the Crown Prosecution service’s Director of public prosecutions and hoping to secure 15,000 signatures and enable this to happen.

The people who set up the petition believe that justice for the animals that were dreadfully abused at 4 Paws by the Fairbrothers have not got justice. They believe that the Fairbrothers should have been banned from owning or trading animals for life and that they should have gone to prison.

They stress that they are not trolls but owners, animal rescuers and people who care about the plight and suffering of animals genuinely. You can find the petition by searching Jodie Fairbrother on

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