Air pollution could turn some people into violent offenders.


Air pollution could turn some people into violent offenders.

It is well known that air pollution has a deadly effect on our health. But scientists are now saying it could turn some people into violent offenders. After conducting a huge study in the United States on 86 million people and 13 years of data. Researchers found that when the air is dirtier more violent crime is committed. The researchers believe that airborne particles and noxious gases could interfere with the proper functioning of the brain, and making people likely to act more aggressively.

It is believed that the study will likely lead to further calls for Britain to clean up its act. Two million people in London alone are still living in areas with illegal levels of air pollution. Violent crime went up in both rich and poor areas when the air was more polluted. In studies done previously mice and dogs exposed to high levels of fine particulate found in diesel fumes. Showed an increase in aggressiveness, territoriality, and bias towards immediate rewards. Air pollution did not increase non-violent crime. But air pollution could increase anxiety which could lead to criminal behaviour. And an impulsive and aggressive response could explain why air pollution is associated with increased violence, but not a non-violent crime.

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