Most men would reply to a message from an alien but not many women would.


Most men would reply to a message from aliens but not many women would.

If aliens ever make contact with Earth it is to be hoped that men get the message for woman are unlikely to reply. In a poll, less than half of females said they would reply but over two-thirds of males said they would be happy to reply.

Although it is probably because the men imagine the alien as a Star Trek-style beauty in a silver bikini or is it because men are idiots as the Guardian suggests.When Oxford University asked 2,000 Britons whether we should reply to a message from a distant planet  56.3 percent were all for getting in touch and 14 percent against.

Dr. Peter Hatfield said all though it may seem unlikely, the chance of aliens getting in touch within the next 100 years, based on the number of planets in the universe is around one in ten. The first contact would likely be a radio signal that would have taken decades to travel the vast distances to reach us. He would be happy to respond but his female colleague would not. The poll also asked who should speak to the aliens 39.3 percent said, scientists. Only 14.8 percent said, politicians.

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