A husbands violence towards his wife was one of the worst cases seen.


A husbands violence towards his wife was one of the worst cases seen.

Ryan Booth of Cyrano Way, Grimsby admitted using controlling or coercive behaviour between August 2017 and November last year he also admitted to assaulting his wife and causing actual bodily harm.

He forbade his terrified wife to go out or to have friends and brutally attacked her every week. It is believed the judge said it was one of the worst domestic violence cases he had ever seen. He made his wife’s life a misery from when they married in 2017.

He would regularly attack her in which she was punched, kicked and spat at. He had also threatened to set fire to the family home, and stabbed a cigarette out on her leg and pressurised her to be intimate with him.

It is thought that he could not remember some of the incidents because he had drunk so much. Some of the threats were not carried out but his wife was in fear constantly of what he might do. It is believed he was told that he had disturbing attitudes to women especially partners. In this case, the domestic violence was more serious because the victim was vulnerable and there was a breach of trust.

Ryan Booth formerly of Abbey Road, Grimsby was jailed for two and a half years and was given an indefinite restraining order.

There is help out there for abuse victims.

It is not just physical abuse it can also be psychological, sexual, financial, and emotional. If you feel like your partner or family member is doing any of these things please remember you are not alone. There are local support services that will be able to help, listen and/or find you shelter.

Womans Aid North East Lincolnshire call them for help and support on 01472 575757  or web

Humberside Police have a dedicated team of experts who deal with domestic abuse. call 0800 197 47 87 or web

Victim Support The charity offers support and guidance over domestic abuse and any other support you may need as a victim of crime. call 01472 250251 You can visit their office and speak privately and confidentially at 10 Town Hall Street, Grimsby or web

Please remember in an emergency call 999 for immediate assistance.

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