The Mariners taking to the Sky!

Local Drone company take to the skies with the Mariners

Raven Drones has spent the summer with Michael Jolley and his team down at Cheapside Training Facilities providing Aerial Drone footage of the training.  Drones provide a completely different perspective to a normal training session and it is recorded data to be used again and again.  It adds more professionalism to the team when promoting their facilities to attract new players and staff and helps to sharpen not just the players abilities but that of the coaching staff and the techniques used to get the best out individuals as well as the team.

Matt from Raven Drones had this to say:

It has been a great honour and privilege to be working with GTFC and more importantly with such a forward thinking Manager and Management team in Michael and Anthony to provide this service.  We are looking to increase the service to other clubs in the football league as the benefit to all involved cannot be underestimated.  An important factor of course in all this is confidentiality, so whilst we can promote in our video snippets of what we have done the real strategic and tactical footage is for use by the clubs only.


Matt went on to discuss future plans in addition to sports analysis:

As exciting as the Football is we do offer more traditional services such as Survey and Inspection work and are also working on an exciting Marketing promotion which we can share very soon.


Michael Jolly certainly seems to be impressed:



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