Do you feel that you have to dress to impress for the school run?


Do you feel that you have to dress to impress for the school run?

For most mum’s it is a mad rush to get the kids out of bed give them their breakfast get their clothes ready and then dash to school.

But six out of ten mothers add to that stress because they feel like they have to dress up in their smartest clothes in order to impress other parents at the school gates.

In a poll of 1,500 mum’s with children in primary school, 63 percent made an effort to dress well for the school run.

30 percent of them made their child late for school because they took so long getting themselves ready.

Some mum’s about a third said they bought new clothes, especially for the school run. Half of them said they judged other mums at the school gate on what they were wearing. Some even said they felt judged by teachers on their outfits. And 19 percent worried that it would reflect badly on their child if they turned up scruffy.

A third of mums chose Holly Willoughby as their best-dressed celebrity mum.

On top of all their other worries about their children to school. Mum’s also have lots of pressure on themselves to turn out looking their best.

Do you feel like you are judged by what you wear on the school run?

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