Yoga may save your life.



Yoga may save your life.

For thousands of people recovering from a major heart attack beginners yoga could be a lifesaver.

Cardiac patients who practiced an hour of yoga a day over three months were 16 percent less likely to die over the next five years than those who did not do yoga according to research.

More than 100,000 Britons are admitted to hospital every following a heart attack and these findings could help their recovery.

Patients who suffered the most serious type of heart attack were one of the major arteries is blocked were involved in the trial. They all had surgery to widen the vessels using a stent to help the blood to flow more freely.

A three-month programme of daily yoga involving exercise and meditation in the morning and in the evening classes of pranayama a practice of breath control.

The mortality rate of those who did not follow the yoga class over the next five years was one in four.In the group who did the yoga classes the rate was just over one in five.

The heart performance in the yoga group also improved. Researchers believe that yoga and breathing exercises may help reduce metabolic stress and reduce oxygen demand on the heart, and prevent damage to the heart.

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