How you could get 32 days off work next year by booking only 15 days annual leave.



How to get 32 days off work next year by booking only 15 as annual leave.

Many of you will be thinking about booking a holiday for next year now that we are saying goodbye to the summer.

If your one of the people who love to enjoy time off work here’s how you can get a huge 32 days off work next year by booking just 15 as annual leave.

Because Easter is on 12th April next year it has two bank holidays on either side of it. So booking Monday to Thursday before Easter and Tuesday to Friday after Easter it will give you 16 consecutive days off. You will only use eight days of annual leave.

But the best time to get the most of your annual leave is around Christmas if you can book it. Because  With Christmas Day and Boxing Day falling on a Friday and Saturday it will mean one of the bank holidays is carried forward to the following week. So just as at Easter you could book annual leave either side of it.

Because January 1st is also a Bank Holiday you will only need seven days to get a huge 16 days off. You just need to book 21st-24th December off and 29th December-1st January.

There are of course a few conditions for this for it to work. You must work Mon-Fri and get the usual Bank Holidays off including two at Easter, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

If you can not have any time off at Christmas then you could book the four days after any Bank Holiday to give you nine days off for just booking four.


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