More good news for lovers of red wine.


More good news for lovers of red wine.

There is more good news for lovers of red wine researchers have found that drinking red wine boosts good bacteria in your gut. Researchers say that the impact on the gut microbiome which helps to support the immune system and metabolism may finally explain the beneficial effects of red wine.

The study of nearly 3,000 people including 900 British twins found that those who drink red wine have a significantly better balance of good to bad bacteria. The impact of beer, cider spirits, and white and red wine were analysed on the gut microbiome of 916 female twins by researchers at King’s College London. The balance of bacteria was significantly better in red wine drinkers. They were also less likely to be obese and had lower cholesterol. They found that even with sets of twins who share their DNA and upbringing if one sister preferred red wine then her gut bacteria would be significantly better than her sisters.

But they stressed that it is not an excuse to work your way through a whole bottle. Because even drinking red wine rarely like once every two weeks, seems to be enough to observe an effect.  So if you have to choose one alcoholic drink today red wine is the best to pick. But it is still advised to consume alcohol in moderation.

In the future, the study may help researchers to be able to eventually extract the benefits from red wine in order to develop a medical treatment.

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