More than 1 in 3 Britons are guilty of ageism.



More than 1 in 3 Britons are guilty of ageism.

According to a report for SunLife Insurance, more than one in three people have admitted that they have picked on older people because of their age. A large number of over 50s resent the prejudice they encounter

People who are in their 50s and beyond do not like to be classed as grumpy old women or grumpy old men. More than two-thirds of them feel undervalued when they are spoken to in a language they regard as demeaning. The research found that adults in their twenties and thirties are the most likely to hold and show derogatory opinions of older people. Nearly half of the people 48 percent in their thirties say they have discriminated against older people. More than 4,000 people took part in the survey by Opinium they found that most people over 50 think the offence is unintentional. But 68 percent say that it makes them feel less valued, 60 percent say it makes them unhappy and 52 percent say it causes alienation. If you tell someone they look good for their years it is more likely to be taken as an insult than a compliment.

Nearly a third of older people have met insulting language or attitudes at work. Public transport is another area where one in six elderly people feel they suffer discrimination and have been spoken to in a way they find offensive.

These are some of the jibes the over 50s hear most often.

You look good for your age.

man/woman of a certain age.

mutton dressed as lamb.

Decrepit old man/woman.

Drives like an old man/woman.

Little old lady/man.

Grumpy old man/woman.

You’re senile.

Senior moments.

Bitter old man women.

Cranky old man/woman.

You’re ancient.

You’re over the hill.

You’re past it.

Miserable old man/woman.

Old Fart.

Old fuddy-duddy.

Old hag.

Are you guilty of ageism?




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