Grimsby 501 Darts League

Grimsby 501 Darts League Results

Monday 19th August 2019 there was 20 fixtures in total.
The night started off with Daz Mawer vs Ash Newbegin Daz helping himself out with hitting a 180 although was on the worst end of the 4-1 result. Daz played 4 games on the night and put all the wrongs from the first game right winning the other 3 games and also hitting another 180 vs Daniel Keaney. Dan also played 4 games unfortunately unable to pick up any points out of the 8 on offer. Stuart Cox matched off against 3 opponents first was vs Tony Newbegin stu winning 4-0 and hitting a 180 stu wasn’t playing as well in the other 2 games and came off with only 2 points out of 6. Stewart May also had 8 points up for grabs and picked 5 points beating Ash Newbegin & Alicia Briggs and drawing David East only losing to Ken Smith in Ken’s only game of the night. Hayden Newbegin carried on his chances of winning the league winning all 4 points he played for. John Riches still follows in behind winning the only game he had on the night.

As things stand top 5
1. Hayden Newbegin 58 points
2. John Riches 53 points
3. Callum Jewitt 52 points
4. Graham Field 50 points
5. Daz Mawer 40 points
Highest checkout stand with Tony Newbegins 158 hit last week.
Most 180s
Daz Mawer 7
Dan keaney 5
Callum Jewitt 4
Hayden newbegin, John Riches, Graham Field and Mark Braithwaite all tied on 3

There is still 3 more weeks of the summer league to play some finishing next week and the rest finishing on 9/9/19 anything can happen involving position changes in top 4 places most 180s and the highest checkout stat.

Full results
Alicia Briggs 0-4 Stewart May
Ash Newbegin 4-1 daz Mawer
Callum Jewitt 4-0 Gary Smith
Daniel keaney 0-4 hayden Newbegin
Daniel keaney 0-4 daz Mawer
Dave East 2-4 mark Braithwaite
Dave east 3-3 stewart May
Daz mawer 4-2 lee Burch
Graham Field 4-0 Gary Smith
Graham Field 4-1 Daniel keaney
Hayden Newbegin 4-1 mark Braithwaite
Jordan Waller 0-4 Callum Jewitt
Laura Dwyer 4-2 alicia Briggs
Lee Burch 0-4 john Riches
Mark Braithwaite 4-0 Daniel keaney
Stewart may 2-4 Ken Smith
Stewart May 4-1 ash Newbegin
Stuart cox 1-4 lee Burch
Stuart cox 0-4 daz mawer
Stuart cox 4-0 Tony Newbegin
Monday 26th august 2019 Fixtures
Alicia Briggs vs Mark Braithwaite
Ash Newbegin vs Laura Dwyer
Ash Newbegin vs Daniel keaney
Callum Jewitt vs mark Braithwaite
Callum Jewitt vs john Riches
Daniel keaney vs alicia Briggs
Daz Mawer vs hayden Newbegin
Daz Mawer vs stewart May
Gary Smith vs daz Mawer
Gary Smith vs tony Newbegin
Hayden Newbegin vs gary Smith
Hayden Newbegin vs Jordan Waller
John Riches vs tony Newbegin
Ken Smith vs gary Smith
Laura Dwyer vs dan keaney
Laura Dwyer vs daz Mawer
Lee Burch vs ken
Mark Braithwaite vs stu cox
Mark Braithwaite vs ash Newbegin
Stewart May vs lee Burch
Stuart cox vs Daniel keaney

On monday 7th october 2019 our 30 playing week winter league season starts 30 players will be taking to the oche at the home of grimsby 501 darts league Birdseye sports and social club. All our games are sponsored by bobbies prize bingo grimsby.



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