Is your child up to date with their MMR vaccination.



Is your child up to date with their MMR vaccination?

Britain has had its status as a measles free country revoked by the World Health Organisation. Because of fears of falling vaccination rates.

The number of adults and children being vaccinated against the virus has declined in recent years, while cases of measles have quadrupled in the last 12 months. Britain was declared measles free in 2016 after36 months with no endemic transmission. But since 2016 uptake of the MMR has fallen each year. There have been hundreds of cases of measles this year.

GPs are to be ordered to promote catch up vaccination for under 25s who have missed one or more MMR vaccination.

The World Health Organisation says 95 percent of the population must have two vaccinations at one year old and another aged 3 years old to protect adequately against the disease.

Experts are particularly concerned about second vaccination uptake.

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