Emergency services urge everyone to download this smartphone app.


Emergency services urge everyone to download this smartphone app.

Emergency services have urged everyone to download an app which they say has already saved lives. Three random words saved Jess Tinsley and her friends when she got lost in a forest on a dark wet night they were hopelessly lost when they found a spot with a signal and called 999.

They were told to download the what3words app and within a minute of its download Police knew where the group was. What3words essentially points to a very specific location. The developers divided the world into 57 trillion squares each measuring 3m by 3m and each having a randomly assigned three-word address. For example, the door of 10 Downing Street is slurs.this.shark. while the words that found Jess and her friends were

Mercedes Benz has included it in all its cars and it is now used in 35 languages. If people do not have the app, the emergency services can send a text message containing a web link to their phones. If they haven’t got any signal to call for help they can still find out their three-letter word.

Humberside Police quickly resolved a hostage situation after the victim was able to tell officers exactly where she was being held. Humberside Police also used it to find some foreign nationals including a pregnant woman who was trapped inside a shipping container. there were 20,00 shipping containers but they were soon found after being told to download the app.

A fire crew manager said it cuts out all ambiguity about where we need to be. But still, not enough people know about it he urged everyone to download the app what3words it could help save your life.

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