Would you confront your child’s bully?


Would you confront your child’s bully?

It has emerged that a mother in the US has been arrested after she confronted her son’s classmates over bullying. Because she didn’t think the school was doing enough when she found out her son was being bullied. She took matters into her own hands and as she wasn’t sure which one was responsible she warned all his classmates to stop messing with him.

One parent, we asked said that her 12-year-old daughter was being bullied for weeks she gave her the chance to sort it out with the help of teachers. But when it carried on for three weeks she approached the bully outside the school and asked her to stay away or if she would like to take it to the headteacher to resolve. She tried to apologise  to her but the parent said she must apologise to her daughter which she did. Her child has been left alone ever since.

But is it the right thing to do to confront your child’s bully?

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