Don’t forget your proof for renewing your bus pass

North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration partner, ENGIE, are reminding residents to bring the necessary documents when renewing concessionary travel passes.

When renewing your pass, remember: 

  • Elderly bus pass – Bring your existing bus pass and proof of address dated within the last three months
  • Disabled bus pass – Bring your existing bus pass, proof of address and most recent proof of eligibility.

Concessionary travel passes can only be renewed one week before they are due to expire. In some circumstances, such as going on holiday, the pass can be renewed earlier.

Centre4 and the Central Library in Grimsby and Age UK in Cleethorpes manage concessionary passes on the council’s behalf and issue new and replacement passes.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for highways and transport, said: “The concessionary travel passes are a lifeline for many people across the UK in getting out and about, providing free off-peak bus travel anywhere in England.

“When the time comes to renew your pass, to make the process as simple and smooth as possible, please bring the required documents in with you. Unfortunately, without the necessary documents with you, we will be unable to re-issue your pass.”

If you are unsure about the documents you need to bring with you or have any issues or concerns, please contact us on (01472) 313131 or visit

Top tips for looking after your bus pass:

  • Take care and try not to bend or scratch your pass or write anything on it
  • Keep your pass away from your mobile phone or electrical devices
  • Be careful to keep your pass away from coins, studs and zippers as they will scratch it
  • Don’t keep your card in your back pocket as it will get damaged if you sit on it
  • Do not insert your card into the ticket slot on National Rail Stations
  • Do not lend your card to someone else; passes can only be used by the authorised pass holder. Should you allow somebody else to use your pass it will be withdrawn by the bus driver.
  • Keep personal details up to date including if you move address, change of disability classification or a close family members passes away.

For more information about concessionary travel, visit

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