Do you encourage foxes to visit your garden?


Do you encourage foxes to visit your garden?

They screech during the night and have a frightening set of sharp teeth, they are also fearless scavengers. But many people have a soft spot in their hearts for urban foxes.

According to a study, one in seven Britons encourages them to visit their garden. But did you know that foxes carry deadly parasites that are a risk to dogs? Scientists have warned that a parasite called lungworm which is spread in foxes faeces, can infect slugs and snails which dogs could then eat. It makes pets very unwell, it can damage their hearts and cause them to lose weight.

According to the study, six million households received recurring visits from a local fox and many of them leave food and water or toys out for them and many consider them a part of the family.

Researchers said dog owners should ask their local vet to find out if lungworm is seen locally.

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