Have we have become a nation of prudes?


Have we become a nation of prudes?

A survey has suggested that the liberal attitudes towards sex and relationships may have shifted after decades. of liberal attitudes. The research suggested that acceptance levels for sex outside marriage and same-sex relationships have dropped. four out of five people said they had no prejudice against gender transition. But fewer than half didn’t believe prejudice against transgender people was always wrong.

The liberal thinking in attitudes seems to be slowing down since the dawn of the permissive society in the 1960s. Maybe reflecting the divide between the attitudes of religious and non-religious people. The research involved interviews with nearly 4,000 people.

Last year acceptance of same-sex marriage fell to 66 percent. Which had fallen from 66 percent in 2017.  The people who thought it was not wrong to have sex before marriage also took a dip. There was a religious divide in attitudes to sex before marriage.

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