Is this the answer to tackling youth crime?


As youth crime rates rise.

A mum of a teenager tragically stabbed to death has said that she thinks the government should pay women to stay at home.

She is of the opinion that if women stayed at home they would have the responsibility of their child.

Some are of the opinion that the world would be a better place if more mothers stayed at home at least until their child was seven.

But others believe why should you be paid to look after children you choose to have. Parents need to take responsibility and teach them ethics and morals. Make your home a place children would rather be with their friends,  than hanging about the streets. Also, make sure they know there are consequences for their actions good and bad.

Do you think women staying at home is the answer to stop youth crime?

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    • Kim Edwards , April 23, 2019 @ 8:42 am

      Rubbish !!
      I’ve worked all my adult life, my kids know right from wrong, know what respect is and that its earned in return, have never been in trouble with police or while at school. ( all WITHOUT the need to have physical punishment used against them) Parents MUST take responsibility for the way they have ‘raised’ their children, THEY are supposed to be their kids role models, their moral compass and their lifetime teachers, it’s OUR job to raise our kids right nobody else s

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