Passengers could be weighed before boarding a flight.



Passengers could be weighed before they board a flight. To try and cut costs and damage to the environment.

It has been reported that the Tech firm Fuel Matrix is in talks with Uk Airlines about installing pressure pads at the airline check-in desks.

It is understood that the pads will discreetly weigh the passenger as they pass through the airport. It will collect data which will then be passed to the flight deck.

The data would then reportedly be used by pilots to calculate how much fuel is needed for the flight and reduce the amount of waste.

Another option which is believed could be used is security body scan machines which could record a passengers weight.

Airlines currently use an average weight of a man, woman, and child to estimate their fuel needs.

The Independent reports that the airlines allow 13.8 stone for men, 11 stone for women, and 5.5 stone for children.

They are not suggesting that people stand on scales, but airports could fit pressure pads. They could be in the self-service bag drop area. When the bag has been dropped in the system could the person if they are standing on the pressure pad.

When the passenger taps Yes the weight could be recorded and passed in confidence to the airline.


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