Brexit, the final days……

Brexit, the final days…… But how do you want your MP to vote in this area?

Theresa May will return to the UK later to try to convince MPs to support her withdrawal deal after the EU agreed to postpone Brexit beyond 29 March.

EU leaders offered to delay Brexit until 22 May if MPs approve Mrs May’s deal next week.

If they do not approve it, the delay will be shorter – until 12 April – at which point the UK must set out its next steps or leave without a deal.

Mrs May said MPs had a “clear choice”.

As a majority leave area how do you want your MPs to Vote

Vote for Theresa Mays deal

Vote against Theresa Mays deal

Following the link to our online Poll here

MPs are expected to vote for a third time on the Brexit withdrawal deal next week

Thursday night’s agreement reduces the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit on 29 March – but the UK could still leave without a deal if Mrs May’s deal is not approved by MPs by 12 April.

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    • james cairns , March 22, 2019 @ 11:20 pm

      As Farage said recently this is NOT a deal, it’s treaty and we know how good the vile EUSSR is at drawing up treaties! They all follow a similar theme, you will do as we say, you will enact every law we tell you, there will be no free elections, you cannot remove our leaders, the state is more important than any citizen etc. etc. If you think the old soviet union was bad, just wait and see what the parasites have got waiting for Britain and the rest of Europe!!

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