Do you believe there is a danger to posting photo’s of your children on social media?



Researchers have now said that sharing photos of your children on line could be dangerous.

Many many proud parents want to share pictures of their children online but how safe is it?

It is known as sharenting and it is understandable that lots of parents have concerns about a potential threat to a child,from them over sharing photos on social media.

Anything can happen to the data you upload.

To keep children safe the best bet is to refrain from posting their pictures on social media.Once you post something online it stays on there forever.The pictures stay online even if you move them around or make your account private.

Posts that you have deleted can still be accessed by someone who knows how to find them.


Things that are posted on the internet stay on the internet.

Uploaded pictures may become a digital tattoo that your child never wanted. Bex Lewis has written a book about raising your children in our technologically advanced age.She says this does not mean that you can not post pictures ever.

But advises the following:

  • Its all about monitoring what you post.
  • Be mindful of what you post online of your children.
  • Ask them if they mind if you share a particular photo of them.
  •  Would you want a potential employer seeing a picture like that of you,if the answer in no don’t download it of your child.

Parents have to listen to their children.

  • Do not allow your pictures to show an obvious daily routine.
  • It is not  okay to include a school uniform.
  • Also do not show locations and do not post videos of there favourite things or loudest tantrum.

Parents should take notice if their children say they don’t want their pictures online ignoring a child’s request for you to stop sharing pictures of them on social media could make them feel like they have no rights over their own image.

Are you a parent who refuses to put photos of your children on social media?

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