Zig Zag lines protect your children.



Are you guilty of parking on Zig Zag lines at School?

Please remember when dropping your children at school that those two seconds that you park on those zig zags may be the two seconds a child may mistakenly decide to run into the road.

Passing drivers would not have a chance to stop without a clear view or a child a chance to to stop their mistake.

The white Zig Zag lines you see outside of schools are there for a purpose, the law states that no vehicles (except emergency services) are permitted to park on the lines and a fine can be given for any person who doesn’t abide by this rule.

Previous action taken

Previous action has been taken to prevent this problem,a patrol car, driven by Enforcement Officers, uses a mounted camera with automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) to catch parents found parked on zigzag markings outside their children’s schools.

Offenders will receive an automatic fine of £70 through the post, and, as with all parking fines, seeks to act as both punishment and a deterrent against repeating the violation.

It only takes a few seconds to end a life.

It could only take a few seconds to end a life,and sadly it has happened.

So please park with care you wouldn’t want to be responsible for a parent losing a child.


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