If you’re wanted on warrant Humberside police are coming for you

If you’re suspected of committing a crime in East Yorkshire or northern Lincolnshire, don’t think you can avoid justice by deciding not to turn up to court.

When a suspect doesn’t attend a hearing, a warrant is issued for their arrest by the Magistrates and that’s when Humberside Police’s small but dedicated team swings into action to find them.

They’re one of the best in the country, attracting praise from the Home Office for the number of suspects they catch and the speed in which they do it.

90% of wanted people caught

Last year Humberside Police successfully caught almost 90% of the 2,016 people who were wanted on warrant and so far this month they have caught a further 147.

And if you’re wanted and you haven’t been found yet, rest assured – you will be.

Warrant Supervisor Mike Milner said:

“My message to anyone who is thinking about skipping court for any reason is to think twice.

“Your warrant will end up with my team and we will be knocking on your door very soon. We may be a small team but we’re very experienced and excel at finding and arresting people who think they can dodge justice by simply not turning up at court.

“We work very closely with the courts, so we are given notice of new warrants very quickly, enabling us to begin our searches straight away.

“We also have numerous ways of tracking down people who don’t live at the address they have given to the court and if you think you get around it by heading out of the area, as your details will also be circulated to all UK police forces, our ports and airports via the Police National Computer.”

If you have information about a wanted person you would like to pass to the team, call the non-emergency 101 line or – if you’d rather remain anonymous – call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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