Results for Monday 4/02/19

Results for Monday 4/02/19

Aaron Dwyer 4-0 Laura Dwyer

Mark Braithwaite 4-0 Rachel Stembridge

Alicia Briggs 0-4 Daz mawer

Ash Newbegin 4-0 Laura Dwyer

Callum jewitt 4-2 Aaron Dwyer

John riches 4-2 Hayden Newbegin

Lee Burch 4-2 Tony Newbegin

Liam jewitt 4-0 Alex Clark

Rachel stembridge 0-4 John riches

Wayne Clark 3-3 Stewart May

Alex Clark 1-4 mark Braithwaite

Alicia Briggs 4-0 Rachel Stembridge

David Newbegin 4-0 Michael harris

Daz mawer 4-2 David Newbegin

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 Alex Clark

John riches 3-3 Marc Rodger

Jordan Waller 4-2 Alicia Briggs

Lee Burch 4-1 Rachel Stembridge

Lee Burch 1-4 Marc Robinson

Liam jewitt 4-0 ash Newbegin

Marc Rodger 2-4 Daz mawer

Stewart May 4-2 Michael Harris

Tony Newbegin 4-1 Jordan Waller

Wayne Clark 3-3 Callum jewitt

Marc Robinson 4-2 Alex Clark

The league is now entering last 10 weeks , all the top 4 positions looks to be going down to the wire.

The man in form and proving difficult to beat with some great performances is Liam Jewitt hoping to catch his brother Callum Jewitt in top spot.

Liam easily beat Ash Newbegin 4-0 throwing a fantastic 13 dart leg in that particular leg averaging 115 every 3 darts.

All top 8 players looking at snapping a cash prize at end of season.

The 2 top 180 hitters this year carried on their incredible tally Liam Jewitt and Daz Mawer hit 1 each again Monday both hitting 22 180s between them this season.

Unfortunately we had a player John Neller  having to leave the league due to other commitments we would like to thank John for being a fantastic player for Grimsby 501 darts league and wish him all the best.


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