Beer before wine and you’ll feel fine?



Do you go by the theory Beer before wine and you’ll feel fine wine before beer and you’ll feel queer.


Lots of us when we mix our drinks swear by this tip.But disappointingly a new study has said that there  is no difference in the order we serve our drinks as to how bad our hangover will be.

90 students tested.

To test the theory 90 students were given drinks in various order,switching the order a week late.The day after they reported back on their hangovers.They recorded their symptoms such as tiredness,headache strength,nausea and dizziness.

The results showed that their is no truth to the saying.

The results showed that the saying is wrong because the hangovers were all the same. There was no prove that drinking beer before wine gave you a milder hangover.They also refuted the saying that drinkers choose grape or grain but never the twain because drinking wine or beer alone made no difference either.

Its how much you drink which has the biggest impact.

The results not surprisingly showed that it is how much alcohol you drink which has the most impact on the severity of your hangover.

Did you always believe the saying was true ?


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